Positive Awards Scheme at McAuley Catholic College

The Positive Awards Scheme (PAS) at McAuley Catholic College is designed to reward consistent positive student behaviour both in and out of the classroom and participation in and contributions to College programs and involvement in community service programs.

Information about a student’s effort and participation in an activity could come from any source including staff, parents/carers and the broader community. Students may receive commendation as a result of their involvement in:

  • Liturgy / Prayer
  • Leadership
  • Classwork
  • Sport (including participation in College Sport Teams and College Sport Carnivals)
  • Community Service
  • College Service
  • Homeroom
  • Playground Activities
  • Cultural and Co-curricular Activities e.g. Mock Trial, Debates, Gifted and Talented Programme, Musicals

Forms of acknowledgement and reward could include:

  • timely comments by the teacher
  • written or verbal comments by the Homeroom Teacher
  • comments in books or on assignments
  • congratulatory letters to parents/carers
  • acknowledgement in the College Year Book, Newsletter or School Notes in the local newspaper
  • presentations and acknowledgements at College Assembly
  • awards at prizegiving events at the end of the school year
  • Student Achievement Slips (Yellow Slips)
  • Merit Certificates
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Awards
  • McAuley Medal.